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A lot of people will throw away a clock after it stops working. If the clock is an expensive timepiece others in the Tucson area will look for the best clock repair Tucson shop they could find. As clocks are kept for many years both antique and new, they all will require cleaning. When cleaning these clocks the parts should be tested and inspected for proper operation.

If you have a high quality, antique or expensive clock you will want to find the best clock repair shop. You cannot trust your most valued timepiece to any repair person you find in the phone book or now a days on line. You will need to know exactly what to look for.

It has been estimated that more than 70,000 specialist specialize in precision instrument repair. This number does include timing precision instruments and musical instruments. There are so many clock repair Tucson shops that you should keep these tips in mind.

  1. The clock repair specialist must be certified from professional associations.
  2. The Specialist must be able to verify their credentials.
  3. The clock repair person must be certified in watch and clock repair. Always ask about their certifications.
  4. Always make sure that the Tucson clock repair shop has impeccable credentials and listed with the BBB.

Ultimately a great clock repair Tucson shop will have experience and proof of credible certification, such as from the associations and organizations listed below, and not simply have certificates from unfamiliar clock repair programs.

Our watch repair technicians and clock repair technicians are knowledgeable and carry the credentials to ensure that your treasured timepiece gets the care it needs to function properly.

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Credited Clock repair and Watch repair Associations

  • USA-based organization The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. (NAWCC) is a nonprofit scientific organization that serves as a unique educational, cultural, and social resource for its membership and the public at large. Members include hobbyists, students, educators, casual collectors, and professionals in related retail and manufacturing trades. The one common bond (and main membership requirement) is a fascination with the art and science of timekeeping (horology).
  • The American Watchmaker-Clock-makers Institute (AWCI) has represented watchmakers, clock-makers and the industries that serve them. They promote the timekeeping or horology profession through a range of education, certification, communications and business services.

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