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tucson watch battery repairLooking for Watch battery Tucson Repair Shop?

Is your watch’s battery dead? We can help! Bring in your watch and we’ll take care of either replacing the battery or repairing the watch. We are Tucson’s number one option for all watch batteries in the Tucson, Arizona Area.

As the premier watch battery Tucson replacement company we consistently change over 200 watch batteries every day.

We routinely service the best and most popular watch brands on the market – Breitling, Ebel, Movado, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Swiss Army, Nike, Casio, etc.

That volume of business means we can afford to offer exceptional service at low prices. We only use brand name watch batteries.

We feel our customers’ confidence lies not only with the quality of our products, but also with our ability to service your watch for the lifetime of the timepiece. Since we have been in the service industry for many years, we understand that being a full service company saves our customers the hassle of dealing with a third party when it comes to watch repair and battery replacement.

Watch Batteries Tucson repairs is one of our most popular services. We perform this service on our watches, as well as, most other watch brands sold.

Throughout the years, our watch battery Tucson replacement service has the battery best Tucson watch experts, replacing over 1.5 million watch batteries each year. At store level, our trained sales professionals will skillfully replace your watch battery with a factory fresh battery. Ask Us about our warranty.

In conjunction with a battery replacement, if your watch is water resistant, the manufacturer recommends that a water resistance test be performed.

We are the best Tucson watch repair company that has the equipment needed to determine the level of water resistance once your watch has been opened for a battery replacement.

This advanced technology will test the amount of pressure that the watch can withstand externally and internally up to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If anyone can fix your watch we can, some parts are even made by hand in cases where none can be ordered. As is the case with more than a few old pocket watches. The cost of this watch repair service vary depending on the type of watch (non water resistant, water resistant, fine grade), battery type (lithium, silver oxide) and the service(s) performed.


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  1. joseph zach says:

    I have a Heuer Tag, 20+ years old that needs a cleaning, last one was about 4-5 years ago) and a new battery.

    secondly i need a battery for my inexpensive Swiss army watch , the one I wear daily.

    I live far form Tucson, so i was wondering if i could drop off the Heuer Tag and have the Swiss watch done there on site in real time?

    thanks for reading this


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